December 21th 2017 Dr Alberto Farias has visited the EF Clif headquarters Associate Professor of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the Sao Paulo University Medical School, he is the Clinical Coordinator of the Liver Transplant Program at the Hospital das Clínicas and the Project Manager of the EF Clif sponsored ACLARA study.

His four-days stage at the EF Clif headquarters served to start coordinating efforts in the ACLARA Study preparation, following the plan designed at the PI's meeting held in Sao Paulo last September.

During the working sessions, we focused on several aspects of the study, particularly the organizational and clinical ones. Our approach in these sessions was to cover the main lines discussed already in the PIs meeting, paying special attention the needs of both the PIs and their institutions, and the EF Clif itself.

A major emphasis has been put on enhancing the relationship between the ACLARA team members in Barcelona and the ACLARA office in Sao Paulo, in order to provide the best support to all participating centres.