May 26th 2017 EASL Clif Consortium meetings at the EASL Annual Congress 2017 As we did in previous years, during the last EASL Congress (Amsterdam, April 19th- 23th) we had the Annual meeting of the CLIF Consortium Steering Commitee and, two days later, the General Assembly.

In both meetings, a general overview was presented on all the activities done during the previous year, and we also had a special focus on the development of the EF Clif and the enlargement of the CLIF Consortium hospital network (100 hospitals). In addition, we spent some time in presenting new projects and ideas, in both clinical and translational research, to be developed in the short and mid-term.

During the Steering Committee, Dr Vicente Arroyo presented his resignation as Chairman of the CLIF Consortium, after having served in this position for eight years. Among the potential candidates to succeed him (Steering Committee members), only Dr Paolo Angeli (University of Padova) applied for this position and, later on, his candidacy was unanimously approved by the Committee. Two days later, the General Assembly of the CLIF Consortium confirmed this appointment. And, after that, according with the Rules for Regulation of the EASL-CLIF Consortium, the EASL Governing Board was informed accordingly for its final designation.

Dr Angeli will take over the position of Chairman of the CLIF Consortium on January 1st 2018.