October 01, 2022 European Day of Donors and Foundations — Solidarity, Unity, Impact On 1 October, we wanted to reflect on the theme for the European Day of Donors and Foundations 2022 – Solidarity, Unity, Impact

The European Day of Donors and Foundations is an initiative to celebrate the role of philanthropy at the European level and raise public awareness about the value of civic action.

Image: © European Foundation for the Study of Chronic Liver Failure.

Established in 2013, the European Day of Donors and Foundations is celebrated every year on 1 October, to showcase the role of the European philanthropy sector. This initiative involves foundations and other nonprofit organizations across Europe that adhere to the campaign promoted by the Philanthropy Europe Association (Philea). This year's theme was "Solidarity, Unity, Impact" with the aim to highlight the power of solidarity and unity within the sector and its potential to tackle current challenges in Europe and worldwide.

Among the different activities proposed by Philea through Coordinadora Catalana de Fundacions, organization we are a member of, we decided to adhere to the social media campaign to raise awareness about our contribution to better health and quality of life of patients with chronic liver disease. Throughout the month of October, we have been sharing the results of our ongoing research on our official social media channels with the hashtag #October1Europe. The 2022 campaign is part of a wider movement, #WhenWeUnite provides an opportunity for foundations and nonprofit organizations to put their work, their values, and their impact in the spotlight.

With the message " No challenge is too big, or too small, #WhenWeUnite", we celebrated the power of collaboration and of partnership.