September 12, 2022 Reframing our brand It may be just a subtle change what you may have noticed, but for us at the European Foundation for the Study of Chronic Liver Failure represents a great improvement. Some fresh changes may be noticeable: the update of our logo which now displays new fonts and expansion of our color palette for a range of applications.

We took this opportunity to enhance our brand position and reflect on our fundamental aspiration to become a global reference in the field of chronic liver disease. Our brand proposition now incorporates elements that will contribute to make a positive impact on the liver community and beyond.

Our brand proposition

Our brand proposition is how articulate our strategy – it clearly communicates what we do, how we do it and why:

• By strengthening connections between academics, clinicians, patients and industry, we facilitate collaboration and enable the exchange of ideas to tackle unmet medical needs in liver disease

• Through collaborative projects, advancing knowledge and furthering the understanding of chronic liver disease

• Promoting research and education on chronic liver disease for better health

Our narrative

As a fellowship of dedicated researchers and healthcare professionals across Europe, we recognize clinical research excellence that contributes to advancing knowledge on the pathophysiology, diagnostics, and treatment of cirrhosis.

Through our global network, we foster collaboration among our partners in conducting multicenter studies to further the understanding of liver function and disease, advise policymakers on new standards and protocols for the provision of critical care, and ultimately improve survival and the quality of life of patients with cirrhosis.

As a knowledge provider, we enable open collaboration to address global unmet needs for patients with cirrhosis. We are inspired to develop advanced diagnostic, prognostic and predictive tools for acute-on-chronic liver failure. We promote and conduct clinical studies to evaluate the efficacy and safety of novel therapeutic approaches to treat chronic liver disease. We engage with patient communities and world-renown professional organizations to raise awareness of the complications of cirrhosis and work together with them to ensure that treatment and care of patients with liver disease are made available for everyone, everywhere.

Our brand personality

Our brand personality provides the framework to connect with the liver community and beyond. In alignment with our core values, it recognizes us as an organization that is responsive, inspirational, reliable and relevant.

About our logo

The symbol of our brand was originally designed to represent the progression of chronic liver disease. A set of irregular tringles depicted a damaged liver and reminded us of fragile glass. We took this opportunity to look at it from a new perspective and to reflect on our growth and consolidation as organization over the years. The different tints of blue remind us of stained glass that stays connected through lead came – an analogy of the collaborative research we support and contributes to bridging knowledge gaps in liver disease research. Moreover, the letter ‘F’ is highlighted in the symbol of the logo and stands for ‘foundation’ as in the original design. EF CLIF stands for many things, though, and F also stands for faithful, fostering, facilitating, forward, focused, and forethought – words that relate to our core values and personality as a brand.

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