February 07th 2018 Welcome to Paolo Angeli as the new Chairman of the EASL-CLIF Consortium The EF Clif organized an international meeting at the foundation headquarters, on February 7th 2018, to welcome Paolo Angeli as the new Chairman of the EASL-Clif Consortium (January 1st 2018)

Among the participants, there were most Steering Committee Members of the EASL-CLIF Consortium, a selected group of investigators from the PREDICT Study, the Principal Investigators of the 2018 research program of the EF Clif, members of the Grifols Chair, Dr Tom Henning Karlsen, EASL General Secretary, Professors Roger Williams and Flair Carrilho

The meeting included two sessions: In the first one, PI´s from the EASL-CLIF Consortium and the Latin-American CLIF Consortium presented the following EF Clif projects: 1. Final ongoing investigations from the CANONIC Study; 2. Current state of the PREDICT Study; 3. The ACLARA Study, an observational investigation starting in May 2018 assessing ACLF in 54 university hospitals from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Panama and Mexico; and 5. The OBSERVAH Study, a global (Europe, America and Asia) observational investigation of patients with Acute Alcoholic Hepatitis, which is planned to start in September 2018.

The second session covered a series of translational projects from the Grifols Chair, which were aimed at assessing the mechanism of systemic inflammation in acute decompensation and ACLF in cirrhosis, the immune modulatory effect of albumin, and the importance of integrated cohorts and big data in modern clinical and translational research.

After the end of the workshop, all the participants and the members of the EF Clif Staff enjoyed a dinner served by the well-known Restaurant Gaig.