November 27th 2017 THE ACLARA STUDY IS TAKING ITS FIRST STEPS 54 hospitals from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, México, Panama, Perú and Dominican Republic will participate in the Study, sponsored by the EF Clif.

The Aclara Study aims to characterize the mechanisms of ACLF in Latin America and compare its results with the data obtained from other previous similar studies.

The Aclara Study is a big challenge for both the EF Clif and the centres participating in this ambitious project, due to the complexity of the study and the amount of data to be managed.

Dr Flair Carrilho from the Hospital das Clínicas and Dr Richard Moreau from the Centre de Recherche sur l'Inflammation (INSERM) are the PIs of the study, being Dr Alberto Farias the Project Manager of the Study. Under their directions, on 31th August and 1st September 2017 took place the first meeting of the ACLARA Study in Sao Paulo.

Members of the EF Clif in Barcelona travelled to Sao Paulo to share their expertise with the participant centres representatives in the ACLARA study. During the sessions of the two days-meeting, the main strategy, goals and operational plan of the project were discussed with all the participants.

The Sao Paulo meeting was an excellent opportunity for the members of the EF Clif and for the representatives in the ACLARA study to meet each other and start to build a new common and challenging research project.