Welcome to the EF-CLIF web-page, the main working tool of our investigators. All protocols of the multicenter prospective observational studies and randomized controlled trials performed by our network of Hospitals and their clinical research forms are loaded in the reserved research area of the webpage. You will find in other areas detailed information related to the organization, rules, steering committees, research facilities and scientific production as well as the past and the future educational activities of the EF CLIF.



Performs clinical studies to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients with Chronic Liver Failure (CLIF).



Promote translational research studies in Chronic Liver Failure (CLIF).



February 07th 2018 Welcome to Paolo Angeli as the new Chairman of the EASL-CLIF Consortium The EF Clif organized an international meeting at the foundation headquarters, on February 7th 2018, to welcome Paolo Angeli as the new Chairman of the EASL-Clif Consortium (January 1st 2018)

Among the participants, there were most Steering Committee Members of the EASL-CLIF Consortium, a selected group of investigators from the PREDICT Study, the Principal Investigators of the 2018 research program of the EF Clif, members of the Grifols Chair, Dr Tom Henning Karlsen, EASL General Secretary, Professors Roger Williams and Flair Carrilho

December 21th 2017 Dr Alberto Farias has visited the EF Clif headquarters Associate Professor of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the Sao Paulo University Medical School, he is the Clinical Coordinator of the Liver Transplant Program at the Hospital das Clínicas and the Project Manager of the EF Clif sponsored ACLARA study.

His four-days stage at the EF Clif headquarters served to start coordinating efforts in the ACLARA Study preparation, following the plan designed at the PI's meeting held in Sao Paulo last September.

November 28th 2017 THE EF CLIF IS EXPANDING ITS DATA MANAGEMENT CENTER BY HIRING A DATA ANALYST AND A DATA MANAGER We are looking for two professionals to join our Data Managent Center at our headquarters in Barcelona.

The incorporation for both candidates is foreseen during the first quarter of 2018

November 27th 2017 THE ACLARA STUDY IS TAKING ITS FIRST STEPS 54 hospitals from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, México, Panama, Perú and Dominican Republic will participate in the Study, sponsored by the EF Clif.

The Aclara Study aims to characterize the mechanisms of ACLF in Latin America and compare its results with the data obtained from other previous similar studies. The Aclara Study is a big challenge for both the EF Clif and the centres participating in this ambitious project, due to the complexity of the study and the amount of data to be managed.

November 13th 2017 NEWS FROM THE GRIFOLS CHAIR #3 Addressing patients' diversity in acutely decompensated cirrhosis Richard Moreau, Joan Clària and Vicente Arroyo

The CANONIC study has shown that among patients with acute decompensation (AD) of cirrhosis, those who had Acute-on-Chronic Liver Failure (ACLF, characterized by intense systemic inflammation, organ failures and poor outcome) were clearly distinct from those with traditional AD (who do not have organ failures and have good outcome).

May 26th 2017 EASL Clif Consortium meetings at the EASL Annual Congress 2017 As we did in previous years, during the last EASL Congress (Amsterdam, April 19th- 23th) we had the Annual meeting of the CLIF Consortium Steering Commitee and, two days later, the General Assembly.

In both meetings, a general overview was presented on all the activities done during the previous year, and we also had a special focus on the development of the EF Clif and the enlargement of the CLIF Consortium hospital network (100 hospitals). In addition, we spent some time in presenting new projects and ideas, in both clinical and translational research, to be developed in the short and mid-term.