“Perform large multicenter, observational, epidemiological, pathophysiological and, particularly, therapeutic studies to improve the diagnostic and treatment of patients with CLIF.”

In the origin of the EF-CLIF lies the European Association for the Study of the Liver - ChronicLiver Failure (EASL-CLIF) Consortium. An independent entity, the Consortium, with more than a hundred hospitals in 26 countries, is an important instrument for carrying out observational and therapeutic studies on large series of patients.

The EASL-CLIF Consortium had an early development inside the EASL and since its foundation (2009) has received, as unrestricted grants from Grifols, more than 5 million Euros. This represents the first “scientific joint venture” between Industry and Academia regarding Hepatology. Its most significant achievement has been in identifying, characterizing, establishing diagnostic criteria, designing new prognostic scoring, and understanding the mechanisms of a new syndrome (Acute-on-Chronic Liver Failure), which constitutes the principal cause of death from cirrhosis. Before the establishment of the EF CLIF, the Fundació Clínic for Biomedical Research gave legal and institutional support to the Consortium.