“Improving the quality of life and to increasing the survival of patients with liver cirrhosis.”

A Board of Trustees, currently composed by Vicente Arroyo (MD, PhD), President of the Foundation, Mauro Bernardi (MD, PhD and Treasurer of the EASL), Antonio Paez (MD and Director of the Medical and Technical Department of the Grifols Bioscience Industrial Group) and Ignacio Calero (lawyer at Osborne Clarke Associates), is responsible for the Direction of EF-Clif.


Scientific Director of the EF-Clif: Dr. Vicente Arroyo

Roles and responsibilities:
Head of the Research Program of the EF CLIF, final responsible of any study design, budget and coordination with of all other research activities. Director of the Scientific Platforms of the Foundation (Data Management Center and Biobank). Supported by the Scientific Advisory Board and reports directly to the Board of Trustees.
Appointed for a 5-year term renewable for 1 additional 5-year term.

General Manager of the EF-Clif: Dr. Anna Bosch

Roles and responsibilities:
Coordination of efforts for an optimal organisation and administration of the scientific projects of the EF-Clif.
Oversight and managment of day-to-day operations of the Foundation. Development and implementation of organizational policies.
Provide executive assistance to the Scientific Director on the development of the strategic plan of the Foundation Reports directly to the Board of Trustees.

Scientific Advisory Board: EF-Clif Executive Scientific Committee

Composed by 4 members: (i) the Chairman of the EASL-CLIF Consortium, (ii) the Director of the ENTR-CLIF, (iii) the General Manager of the EF-CLIF and (iv) the Scientific Director of the EF-Clif.
The EF-Clif Executive Scientific Committee holds regular meetings every month, or at any other time upon requesto of the Scientific Director of the EF-Clif.
The General Manager of the EF-CLIF acts as a secretary of all the meetings of the EF-Clif Executive Scientific Committee.