The problem

My area of expertise is cirrhosis and liver transplantation.

Main discoveries and innovations

  • Role of serum and ascites natriuretic peptide in the workup of patients with new onset ascites
  • Adverse effects of fresh fronzen plasma transfusion in patients with cirrhosis
  • Safety of variceal ligation in patients with poor coagulation
  • Bleeding is not associated with conventional hemostasis tests, type of pre-procedure prophylaxis, or recent antithrombotic therapy, but with elevated BMI and decompensated liver disease in patients who undergo high-risk procedures – a collaboration with the PROC-BleeD network
  • Global disparities in mortality and liver transplantation in hospitalized patients with cirrhosis – a collaboration with the CLEARED network


University of São Paulo Schoolt of Medicine, Brazil
Associate Professor (2010–present)